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The Thing You Do to Have Sex

Not Premarital, Though

What You Do to Have Sex
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Aw crap, more claims...

Rules and Guidelines

1. One claim per person. That's a given, but reinforced for those a little more dense.

2. Check claims list before making your claim. If your soul mate has already been claimed, claim soul mate number two!

3. Do not post your claim in a comment. Any claim made in a comment may not be seen and your hunny could be claimed by somebody else! Claims must be made in an individual post on the community's main page.

4. Nobody's off limits. You can claim whoever the heck you want! Just make sure somebody else hasn't already done that.

5. Make up your dang mind! Once you join the community and make your first claim, you can change your claim as much as you want within 24 hours of your original claim. After that, you must remain married for 30 days before being able to divorce and marry again.

6. Stop by and see us every now and then. Keep us posted on how your marriage is going, are you still happy? Do you have any kids yet? Do you want to kill your mother-in-law while she sleeps? Let us know! If no update has been made on your marriage in 90 days, your marriage will be terminated and your claim will, of course, be back up for grabs.

7. Any claim marked as DIVORCED or DECEASED is a claim on hold. If you would like to claim somebody with either of those titles, contact a mod. so we can add your name to the waiting list. If the claim goes to another member for any reason, don't despair, you can always claim someone else or wait for that claim to be open again.

8. Let us know if you're leaving the community. If you're leaving or requesting a divorce, you must post to the community telling us your claim is open.

9. PLAY NICE! It's all in fun, anyways, nobody needs to get hurt along the way. Anybody targeting/harassing any members will be leaving the community faster than you can say "blue jell-o."

Moderated by cwankgurl